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For over ten years we’ve helped businesses of all sizes get noticed – and avoid the many pitfalls of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
In an ever-changing battlefield (Thanks, Google…) it’s important to stay current in terms of “best practices.” What works great one year may be entirely wrong 12 months later.
It’s frustrating for website owners, most of whom do not have the time or resources to stay current with this changing landscape.  Thankfully, we do.
Contact us today.  One of the truisms of SEO is to get started sooner rather than later!

So what is SEO?

what is seo image Simply put, SEO is a way of managing the content and structure of your business website to make it more likely to be ranked highly by Google.  Search Engine Optimization is a process.  It does not magically happen overnight. It takes time to make sure that every aspect of your site is operating efficiently.  And it is a process that is ongoing.
A bit of history. In the early days of the Internet, there was no SEO.  But as the first search engines developed (Excite, AltaVista, Lycos) SEO emerged as a way to (in many cases) trick those sites into listing a business higher than it might actually deserve.  This well-researched article will give you some additional background information on the growth of search, should you decide to dig a little deeper!
All of the early stunts and tricks that people once used to fool the search engines ten years ago have long-since been filtered out by the very smart algorithm that Google uses.
However, I still hear echoes of those methods being talked about by some clients today.  It can be hard to unseat an idea, particularly when is seems to MAKE SO MUCH SENSE!  For instance, people will write product descriptions that use and reuse the product name over and over again, assuming that if they do, Google will be more likely to index their site and see ALL THOSE SIMILAR WORDS — and rank them high.
The reality is that, today, nothing could be further from the truth.
It’s our contention at Over Easy Digital that your website should resemble an online version of your business.  That may should obvious, but let me take it a stop further.  When people come to your business, you are able to answer their questions, explain products and services in detail and help them to make an informed decision.  THAT is exactly what your site should do as well. The more helpful your site can be to a visitor, the more likely it is to improve in the rankings.

Ranking Factors?

There are many, many factors that Google considers when deciding how to rank a site.  The exact number is debatable.  We list some of the more important ones on this page.
When we evaluate a site, we look at each of these factors and try to find out what how your site is doing in each area.  Is you site too slow?  OK.  That’s important, so let’s find ways to make it faster.  Is your site content poorly written? We can work on that, too. And is your site optimized for mobile use?  The growth of smartphones has made this a factor that can be key to your success.

One final note, for now.

Improving your website SEO is a collaborative process!  We often will need to learn about your business and your competitors so that we can help.  We may need to rely on you for sector-specific insights. (We had no idea what “pallet racking” was until we had a client who sold it!

Oh, and one other note.

We hear from clients all the time who feel like SEO companies and agencies have not lived up to their promises, or, worst yet, simply ripped them off.  That is not our style. We will be honest about your chances of improving your ranking, right from the start.
As we said, there is no magic formula unless you consider the one that has always been successful;  hard work!

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