Social Media...

once just a quirky way for people to share random thoughts and vacation photos, has totally disrupted what people think of as traditional "marketing."

Today social media is a place your company NEEDS TO BE.

Even if you’re a B2B manufacturer, you’ll still find clients on one of more of the major social media channels.

Over Easy Digital can help you find your voice.  Before we write your first post, we’ll make sure that a strategy is in place to guarantee your messages are clear and consistent.

Then we’ll develop a plan and a calendar, so that important benchmarks are met and that your clients see you in the best possible light.


The very first thing we do is learn about you and your business, so that everyone is clear on what you’re all about!


Next, we set up a detailed schedule, making sure we meet key dates related to your business. This is particularly important for retailers.


Then we use various automated apps to post, or if your prefer, we’ll do it manually. You see EVERYTHING before it goes online.


It’s critical to see what posts are working on which social media channel and which are underperforming. We do A/B testing and generate reports for you each month.