When To Start Doing SEO On Your Website?

This may seem like a simple question, but stay with me.

One of the mistakes that new businesses make, particularly small businesses, is to build a beautiful website — but totally ignore the SEO (search engine optimization) components that are necessary to help bring people to that site.

I see this ALL THE TIME.  It has never been easier to buy a domain and launch a new site.  Using WordPress and other content management systems, you can be up and running in only a few hours. And because there are so many really great templates, you site can LOOK really good.  At least to the humans who are viewing it.  But to Google, maybe not so much.

So, to address my original premise, the time to start planning your SEO is before you even build you website.  It might even effect which domain you buy.  Let’s look at an example.

It is helpful that for your site to have what are generally referred to as “semantic URLs.”  These represent the string of text that defines each page.

For instance;  https://www.biglarrysplumbing/hot-water-heater-installation/   This is an example of a clear semantic URL, which is easily understood by both web visitors and Google.  There is no confusion about what that page represents.  A poorly defined URL, say perhaps just using the word, “/installation” won’t define your page as accurately and therefore might rank lower.

But this is work that needs to be done RIGHT FROM THE START.

And here’s another reason that you’ll want to get started optimizing right away — because, honesty, there is no time like the present!  If you start NOW, you’ll be ahead of the game a year from now and then five years from now.  I have one client who is still living off the work we did for him nearly ten years ago.  We got him into the top positions for lots of local keywords and that brought lots of traffic.  And since he got a lot of traffic, his site was seen as somewhat authoritative, and that helps him to remain high in the rankings.

Had we NOT been able to begin doing this years ago, his business would still be playing catch-up.  I can’t accurately tell you what his ROI is for the work we did, but I know it is A LOT!