Why and When to Include Video on Your Website

when to use video on website image In the early days, video was considered too much of a strain on websites to make it valuable. Some of us, at least, will remember the constant buffering and that little icon spinning endlessly. Argh!
Today, with a faster internet and better compression technologies, video is an integral part of many sites. YouTube is the second most searched site after Google, and for good reason;  video is often the best way to explain complicated concepts.  We used a YT video to figure out how to put the roof rack on our Mini, when the printed instructions were, shall we say, less than helpful! Ron uses videos to learn songs on his guitar. You get the point.
But video is a bit more complicated to produce than a simple page of text.  Cell phones cameras have improved the quality of course, but you still need to make sure that your video GIVES REAL VALUE to your potential clients.  This goes along with our idea that you need to share EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION YOU POSSESS with your clients and potential clients. Here are some tips from the crew at Over Easy Digital, who together have over 25 years experience producing videos for commercial and corporate clients.
> Plan and script.  Don’t just get on camera and “wing it.”  Know what you want to say and say it well. If you make a mistake, do it over until you get it right!
> Control your surroundings. Make sure your puppy won’t romp into the room and that you’re in a quiet place. No one wants to hear a bunch of annoying and distracting background noise.  If this means you have to do the video after hours, then do that!.
> Be consistent.  If you’re planning on doing a series of videos about similar subjects, then try to do them under similar lighting situations and perhaps even in the same place.
> Find the right person. Some of us are just more comfortable in front of a camera.  If that’s not you, then step aside and let someone else in your company step up.  If no one feels ready to do this, then talk to us about how to find paid talent.
> Short and sweet wins the day!  We have seen FAR TO MANY YouTube videos that take a minute of two to even get started. Get right to the point.  Make your message clear and then get off the stage!  This is not “about you,” it’s about helping your clients.

Finally, if you need help…

We can do that for you.  Producing a professional looking video, despite the numbers of cameras out there, is not quite as easy as it appears.  We have the gear, the lighting, the cameras — and the experience, to help make a great video for you at an affordable price.
Now, what for it……ACTION

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