WordPress Website Help

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Many businesses, just like yours, struggle trying to keep their WordPress websites totally up-to-date.
That’s were we step in.
We can help to keep you current, which has become increasingly important due to increasing security concerns. Hacking of websites, large and small, is rampant. If you let your site’s themes, plugins or core files fall behind, you are opening yourself up to a hack, and the potentially devastating results to your business.

Maintenance work your WordPress site needs on a regular basis.

  • Updating WordPress plugins and themes, as-needed.
  • Updating WordPress core files.
  • Maintaining security protocols
  • Updating your blog posts. (We can write them, too!)
  • Managing content for your email campaigns.
  • E-commerce store updates, such as changing products and prices.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).